All our therapists are qualified in their speciality field.
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Spiral Up provide a range of therapies that cater to both the corporate customers and individuals. For corporate customers we provide:
Onsite Chair Massage - Reflexology - Massage - Indian Head Massage - Mindfulness.

For private customers we also provide a mobile complementary
therapy service in the comfort of your own home:
Massage - Indian Head Massage - Reflexology - Maternity Reflexology - Prenatal Massage - Reiki - Magnified Healing - Natural Facelift Massage.

Lou began her life’s calling in
Complementary Therapies in 2002.
Since then she has trained in Massage, Reflexology and Energy Therapies and
is a certified member of the National
Register of Reflexologists Ireland

Lou is highly experienced in helping
clients work through a wide variety of
issues and situations. These have
included, but not limited to, clients
dealing with cancer, migraines, back pain, depression or mental/emotional issues.

Lou is a kind, intuitive and non
judgemental person, who makes all of
her clients feel welcome and accepted
for whoever and wherever they are,
in any given moment.

MIND, BODY & SOUL and their collective harmony is our goal at Spiral Up.
Over many years we’ve brought together the perfect balance of physical
treatments and spiritual wellbeing. We’ve developed and created the
perfection of harmony and inner peace. 

Specialising in treatments that transcend the established practices and helps those find alternative solutions to their health problems.

If you or your loved one have ever faced health challenges, had doctors fail
to provide the answers to your health issues, felt as though your life was in
constant battle with ‘problems’ or just felt that you’ve lost a sense of who
you truly are? Then we at Spiral Up can help.

We believe that when your mind, body and soul are disconnected, overly stressed or unbalanced, there can be no complete well-being or happiness.
Through an extensive range of treatments provided by Spiral Up, we can
help you to find and understand the underlying causes of the physical,
emotional or mental problems that afflict you.

Our entire ethos is to provide our clients a selection of treatments that are
tailor made to their own specific needs and deliver a positive difference
to their lives.